World Lung Day 2019: Healthy Lungs For All

World Lung Day 2019: Healthy Lungs For All

World Lung Day (WLD), 25 September, is a day for lung health advocacy and action, an opportunity for us all to unite and promote better lung health globally.

If you haven't joined yet, sign up as a WLD partner by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., all our WLD partners are included on our partners page

Respiratory diseases impose an immense worldwide health burden. The facts are shocking:

2019 World Lung Day Theme

On 23 September, just two days before WLD the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) takes place. UHC calls for all people to receive the health services they need, when they need it, without suffering financial hardship. 

Universal coverage is particularly important to persons with respiratory disease. For example, a break in the supply of medicine for patient with tuberculosis could cause the development of drug resistance, which carries serious consequences. The abrupt unavailability of asthma medicine could cause severe suffering and even death. Lack of health care provider availability usually means delay in diagnosis, which could be fatal for lung cancer patients.

The global spotlight on UHC represents an opportunity for substantial progress in the fight against lung disease around the world.

On WLD we are asking the lung health community to raise awareness of the burden of respiratory disease, whilst advocating for UHC.

WLD messaging includes ‘Leave no one behind. On #WorldLungDay call for HEALTHY LUNGS FOR ALL.’

World Lung Day Toolkit

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World Lung Day Pledge Campaign

What will you pledge to do this WLD?

On WLD please share one of these WLD pledges on your social media accounts, or you could take a photograph of yourself doing something for WLD. Don't forget to include #WorldLungDay in your posts. If you would like to write your own pledge, here is a blank pledge which can be printed. 

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World Lung Day Materials in Spanish

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World Lung Day Events

You could hold an even on or near WLD to celebrate lung health, this could be a community event, lung testing with spirometry, a press conference or even an interview on radio or tv. Send through details of your event, these will be added to the website.

If you're looking for event inspiration, why not consider holding a Healthy Lungs for Life event? The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign encourages people to protect their lungs by being physically active, stopping smoking, reducing air pollution and getting vaccinated. Past events have included spirometry testing, group exercise, stop smoking advice clinics and vaccination pledges. To find out more and download your toolkit, visit the Healthy Lungs for Life website and don't forget to tell the world by sharing the Healthy Lungs for Life pledge image (above) on your social media pages. 

Partner Events

Journals Offering Free World Lung Day Content

A number of journals have agreed to support WLD by offering free content related to lung health, these are:

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