World Lung Day 2022: Lung Health For All

    World Lung Day 2022: Lung Health For All

    World Lung Day, 25 September, is a day for lung health advocacy and action. Join us to promote better lung health globally.

    Lung Health For All

    The COVID pandemic has highlighted stark inequalities in lung health, so our theme this year is Lung Health for All. We will look at what can be done to close those gaps, focussing on: 

    • The global burden of the major respiratory diseases and the impact of COVID, with a focus on lower and middle income countries
    • The importance of early detection and screening
    • Reducing inequalities in screening, diagnosis and treatment of chronic lung conditions


    Announcing the new FIRS/WHO webinar series:

    Respiratory disease in the era of COVID – a global perspective

    We're excited to launch the inaugural FIRS/WHO World Lung Day webinar series on 22 September.

    FIRS and WHO have gathered experts from around the world to discuss the burden of respiratory diseases globally, what can be done to combat respiratory disease in the era of COVID, and how we can address unequal access to prevention schemes and treatment in lower and middle-income countries.

    Join us to hear case studies, lessons learned and best practices from experts in the field. 

    Registration will open soon, follow us on Facebook  Twitter and Instagram for more.

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    Healthy Lungs for Life events around the world

    For 2022 FIRS has joined European Lung Foundation (ELF) Healthy Lungs for Life public awareness campaign to highlight the importance of lung health through a range of events, projects and promotional activities - this year with a focus on lower and middle income countries and on climate change.

    Not-for-profit organisations, patient groups and healthcare professionals can apply for a grant of up to €1,000 to support events and activities that meet one or more of the aims of the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign:

    • Increase knowledge of the impact of poor air quality on lung health and the actions that everyone can take to reduce air pollution and avoid exposure
    • Highlight the benefits of quitting smoking
    • Increase knowledge of the importance of physical activity for lung health
    • Raise awareness of vaccination to prevent lung infections

    We will be showcasing local, regional and national public education activities. Share a picture of your event or video and show others that you support #WorldLungDay


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